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  • Nuño Mayer Points to Willingness by INEE to Revise and Improve Evaluation of Teachers

  • Nuño said the socioeconomic conditions and regions in which the teachers work should be taken into account

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15 of July 2016 15:31:28

MEXICO -- Secretary of Public Education Aurelio Nuño Mayer pointed out that there is an opening and willingness on the part of the National Institute for Education Assessment (INEE) to revise and improve the evaluation of teachers, which, he said, will continue to be obligatory.He deemed that the test ought to be better contextualized, saying, “We must see much exactitude so that we will be able to implement this refinement,” because we ought to take into account the socioeconomic conditions and regions in which the teachers work.In that sense, he pointed out that the Public Education Secretariat (SEP) and the INEE will work in a coordinated manner to advance and improve the evaluation, which is not optional, without obligation, and “will be required and have consequences if not taken as stated in the law.”In an interview with Primero Noticias, the official reminded that there is time to have an inter-institutional group coordinating between the SEP and the INEE to evaluate many elements.“We have a very fluid relationship. I have talked with all of them, and I see a great openness to do it, and also, coincidentally,  if it is necessary, to make revisions and improve the evaluation,” he said.As for the dialogue between the National Coordinator of Workers in Education (CNTE) and authorities of the Interior Secretariat (Segob), Nuño Mayer  said there exists “all the disposition and openness in these talks, it appears to me they agree that it is very important that we are able to begin to talk.”He mentioned that the talk scheduled for next Tuesday, which is educational, will have as its objective setting an agenda to begin to talk about diverse educational themes.The head of the SEP reiterated that their readiness to be at this meeting is so the situation will resolve itself, saying, “With such a great opening we are going to listen to what they tell us, we will also ask that the listen with the same openness to what we need to tell them and it appears to me that if it is done in good faith we will always have points that we will be able to put forth.”He commented that it would be a good opportunity to have this process with the CNTE, and equally with the National Education Workers Union (SNTE) as well as with the teachers that are in the forefront of a group that has evaluated themselves and what ought to be done to the evaluation from their point of view.Nuño Mayer announced that on next Wednesday he will present a new educational model derived from reform, and a new curriculum development plan about which diverse actors in the educational world will gather to analyze, discuss and dispute in a way that will enrich the dialogue.He stressed that there must be coordination between the SEP and Segob, saying, “and of course between Secretary Osorio and myself, as has always been the case.”

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