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The News
  • None Injured By Iztacalco Factory Fire

  • Emergency services are working to put out a fire that spread strong through a winery in the neighborhood of Granjas México, in Iztacalco

, photo: Public Domain Pictures

26 of June 2017 16:01:12

Mexico City’s Secretary of Civil Protection Fausto Lugo García declared that there have been no reports of people injured by the fire that spread through a winery on Añil Street, in the neighborhood of Granjas Mexico, in Iztacalco.Lugo García stated on a TV interview that the surrounding area has been evacuated. “Around 1,500 people were moved someplace safe, and we’re working to stop the fire for good,” he said.When asked about what started the fire, he explained that even though there are some theories floating around, the Attorney General’s Office would be responsible for uncovering the causes behind it.Mexico City firefighters are working to control the fire, which started at 12 p.m. and forced nearby residents out of their homes.Paramedics and elements of the Public Security Secretariat remain on the spot.

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