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Sunday 21 of July 2024

New Strategy to Curb Teenage Pregnancy Rates in Mexico City

Pregnancy test,photo: Pixabay
Pregnancy test,photo: Pixabay
The plan intends to improve sexual health services for teens and change public attitudes around teenage pregnancy

The Mexico City government has announced the Strategy for the Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents, which seeks to reduce the numbers of teenage pregnancies and stop pregnancy in girls of 14 and younger.

The plan intends to change the current approach so that teenage pregnancy is not only considered a public health problem, but is also understood to be affected by determining factors such as gender inequality, poverty, violence, and discrimination.

The fundamental topics that will be addressed by the new strategy are: the gender perspective, a girl’s life plan, citizenship and sexual and reproductive rights, among others.

The capital has aligned its plan with the National Strategy for the Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents (ENAPEA).

It is hoped that the plan will foster an environment that favors free, responsible and informed decision about sex and expand educational and employment opportunities. The strategy will also improve sexual health services for adolescents.