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Morena Proposes Banning Bullfights in Mexico City

Leftist legislators in the Mexico City Congress want to ban bullfighting to protect animals
By The News · 28 of April 2016 11:38:50
Bullfighter Joselito Adame at the Plaza México bullring in Mexico City, MÉXICO, D.F., 01DICIEMBRE2013.- El torero Joselito Adame, durante la corrida en la Monumental Plaza de Toros México, donde cortó dos orejas al toro Curioso de la ganaderia de Barralva, de 535 Kg con el cual triunfo.FOTO: GABINO ACEVEDO /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Gabino Acevedo

Members of the leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena) in the Mexico City Congress (ALDF) called for a ban on bullfighting in the city, saying that it promotes violence against defenseless living beings.

Morena deputy to the ALDF Darío Carrasco. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez

Morena deputy to the ALDF Darío Carrasco. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez

In a press conference, Morena deputies Citlalli Hernández and Darío Carrasco said that they will present a bill that will modify the Public Spectacles Law to ban bullfights in Mexico’s capital city.

They stated that the legislative initiative did not originate with Morena but rather responds to a generalized demand from civil society to end the practice of bullfighting. The bill would ban public spectacles that involve mistreating or killing bulls, steers and calves or inciting them to attack humans or other animals.

The Morena legislators also said that animals should not be raised in order to be tortured and killed for no explicable reason. They called on other parties in the ALDF to join them in banning bullfights and creating an Institute for the Protection of Animals, which would also protect pets and street animals.

Hernández and Carrasco admitted that in the past, legislative initiatives have unsuccessfully attempted to ban bullfights many times. They said that in general, many legislators have not dared to ban the practice because it involves large amounts of money, not only for those directly involved but also for those involved in broadcasts of bullfights on television.

Morena said that their proposal is supported by many different animal protection groups that have opposed mistreatment of animals for years. They said they would invite various civil society groups to discuss the ban, saying that Mexico should not continue to allow bullfighting when it faces so much generalized violence as a society.