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Thursday 25 of July 2024

Monorail Will Connect Metro With Mexico City's New Airport

Transit corridor among auto circulation,photo: Simón Sánchez/Cuartoscuro
Transit corridor among auto circulation,photo: Simón Sánchez/Cuartoscuro
New network will extend through existing corridors

MEXICO CITY – The director of the Public Transport System (STC), Jorge Gaviño Ambriz, announced that the possibility of connecting the Metro with the new airport planned for Mexico City by a magnetic monorail, utilizing the existing corridors for lines 1 and B.

“The idea is to exploit the corridors via the Metro on the second floor, to bring a kind of monorail, it may be magnetic, to take us to the airport using Metro stations,” Gaviño Ambriz said within the framework of its participation in the BNamericas 5th Mexico Infrastructure Summit 2016.

The Mexico City government official said the idea is to transport users of the new air terminal quickly and viably, and also to serve mobility in the capital.

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Photo: Galo Cañas/Cuartoscuro

Thus, it is expected that there will be built one monorail station, for every three subway stations, and the system would be built under the financial scheme of a public-private partnership, but where the first would be in a lesser range.

Gaviño Ambriz said that the instruction of the mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, is to elaborate the project, which still includes several possibilities.

One is on Line 1, which runs Pantitlán-Observatory, and begin from the Chapultepec station, “More or less to start raising the entire corridor we have to not affect any particular roads, and also the corridor to Line B and get to the airport,” he said.

Another option, he said, is that the monorail depart from the Buenavista station on Line B, and the Rio de los Remedios station would be a junction to the new airport.

The STC Metro director said that when completed, the project will be presented to both the local and federal authorities.

He stressed the point that in addition to the monorail, amendments to the Metro Master Plan will be studied, including the proposed extensions of lines A, 9, and 12.