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Monday 27 of May 2024

Mexico City Reports Normal Influenza Occurrence


MEXICO CITY – Deaths by influenza in Mexico City have decreased 80 percent compared with the 2014-2015 winter season, according to the local health authorities.

Mexico City Health Secretariat confirmed that 284 influenza cases have been reported in the capital city from October 2015 to the third week of February.

The agency said that 195 out of the 284 influenza cases reported were identified as AH3N2 virus, 55 were AH1N1, 14 were influenza A viruses and 20 were influenza B.

According to the agency, the influenza virus statistics in Mexico City are in the normal boundaries of the epidemiology and, compared with past years’ numbers, a low occurrence has been reported. The authorities said there is not any cause of alarm.

The agency said the Oseltamivir or Tamiflu supply is guaranteed in the Mexico City hospital network as well as in the federal health care institutions based on the city. This medication is prescribed in confirmed cases of influenza.

In a statement, the agency said that two people have died due to chronic medical conditions that were worsened by influenza.

The authorities recommended visiting a health clinic when any signs of respiratory illness are detected.

Mexico was affected by a huge influenza outbreak in 2009. The virus spread around the world and killed more than 18,000 in the same year, according to the World Health Organization reports.


GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, 10FERBRERO2013.- En el Estado se encuentra entre los primeros lugares en cuanto a muertes por el virus de influenza (AH1N1), por tal motivo en hospitales, escuelas y lugares públicos se toman medidas preventivas para evitar mas contagios de este virus. FOTO: FERNANDO CARRANZA GARCIA/CUARTOSCURO.COM
Mexico was affected by a huge influenza outbreak in 2009. Photo: Fernando Carranza García/Cuartoscuro.