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Sunday 21 of July 2024

Mexican Left Hopes to Reunite for 2018 Presidential Elections

Former Mexico City Congress President Carlos Reyes Gámiz, left,photo: Cuartoscuro/Saúl López
Former Mexico City Congress President Carlos Reyes Gámiz, left,photo: Cuartoscuro/Saúl López
Politicians from the Democratic Revolution Party suggested that they would support Andrés Manuel López Obrador's candidacy for the 2018 presidential election

Dividing the leftist parties will allow the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to win several elections this Sunday, said national leaders of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD). For the 2018 presidential election, the PRD hopes to join forces with the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), which split from the PRD in 2014.

Carlos Reyes Gámiz, former president of the Mexico City Congress (ALDF) from the PRD, said that there are conditions for a reconciliation between Mexico’s various leftist forces, and that it is necessary to overcome quarrels. The PRD would even be open to endorsing a candidacy of Morena leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In a press conference, Reyes Gámiz said that the reconstruction of the left is a political and moral obligation.

“I think that the economic, political and social circumstances demand that there be no infighting, that we overcome our differences to achieve unity. That’s part of our proposal,” he said.

He also called on supporters of the left to take up the cause of rebuilding the country and offering citizens a political project that will address the national crises.

He recognized that different leftist forces have different proposals, but he would be willing to conduct an internal referendum in the PRD to choose a candidate. If the referendum chooses López Obrador, Reyes Gámiz would support him.

José Luis Gutiérrez Cureño, former PRD mayor of Ecatepec, said that a unified Left could be implemented for the first time in the governor elections in the State of Mexico next year.

The State of Mexico governor elections could be the starting point for a leftist alliance to contest the presidential elections of 2018, for which López Obrador is one of the strongest candidates. An alliance could ensure the victory of the Left in 2018.

Both PRD politicians agreed that other political forces have had opportunities to govern Mexico and have not improved the country.

Supporters of the initiative for Reconciliation and Unity of the Left will travel to 50 metropolitan areas in Mexico and reach 65 percent of the country’s population.