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  • Metrobús Line 7 Suspended Indefinitely

  • Metrobús Line 7 has been suspended due to an appeal by the AMDA

Photo of Metrobús Line 4, Mexico City Museum station, photo: Wikimedia

13 of June 2017 14:49:52

Eighth district judge Fernando Silva García, has permanently suspended construction of Metrobús Line 7.

The appeal was granted to the Mexican Association of Environmental Law (AMDA) do to the fact that the construction caused environmental damage. It was said that city authorities will have to stop construction on Paseo de la Reforma "as soon as possible."

Members of the AMDA said the decision was made to prevent damage to the "green areas in the Chapultepec Forest, an essential urban structure of the Paseo de la Reforma, as well as the 640 trees at risk of being felled and the damage to artistic and historic monuments."

The AMDA presented the appeal on May 18 of this year and it went through on June 1.

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