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  • Member of the ‘Porkys’ to be Extradited

  • The Third Division of the Criminal Court of the Audiencia Nacional of Spain agreed on Friday to the extradition of Mexican Diego Cruz Alonso — member of the so-called ‘Porkys of Veracruz’ —to be charged with statutory rape

, photo: Wikimedia Commons

28 of October 2016 16:14:46

MADRID -- The court order was issued after a preliminary hearing on Wednesday in which the Head of the Third Division of the Criminal Court Alfonso Guevara,  Judge Clara Bayarri and Judge Ana María Rubio dismissed the arguments  presented by Cruz’s defense.Luis Miguel Gómez, Cruz’s lawyer, turned in documents in which he refers to the insecurity of Mexican prisons as detrimental to the well-being of the defendant, in case of extradition. This argument was dismissed on grounds of lacking a specific origin and not detailing the sources of this ‘insecurity’.The resolution pointed out that the defendant’s Spanish nationality does not prevent him from being extradited to Mexico, according to the Spanish Constitution and the Bilateral Extradition Agreement.The judges regarded a text read by the defendant as ‘lacking credibility’. In this text, Diego Cruz states that the father of the victim forced and threatened him and his friends to blame themselves for the crime and apologize to the victim.

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