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Monday 17 of June 2024

Mancera announces cancellation of the water debt for most vulnerable groups

Miguel Angel Mancera
Miguel Angel Mancera
Program for the elderly, mothers heading households, people with disabilities will facilitate regularization of properties

The mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera announced the cancellation of water debts for the city’s most vulnerable citizens in order to facilitate regularization procedures of their properties.

In opening the 2016 Notarial Day in the Venustiano Carranza delegation, the Mancera said that the Finance Secretariat of the capital is already working on the Clean Slate program and hopes it can be put into operation in no more than 20 days.

“There are many people in the city who can not regularize their properties because they are in debt with water bills. We want to make a program for the elderly, mothers heading households, people with disabilities; these vulnerable groups can receive the benefit of erasing their debt,” the mayor said.

He explained that the Clean Slate program will write off all debts for water payment since 2010.

After delivering 4,000 testimonies from senior citizens, Mancera also referred to the shortage of medication to treat the influenza virus, and said the city government’s health service has two thousand free doses to cope with the illness.