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  • "Lord Ferrari" to pay Restitution to Victim

  • Alberto Sentíes will pay a settlement to Jair Alberto Gómez, who was assaulted by Senties' bodyguard on March 11


04 of April 2016 14:37:37

[caption id="attachment_10852" align="alignright" width="181"]lord ferrari A still from the video in which Sentíes' bodyguard assaults the driver of a white SUV[/caption]The businessman Alberto Sentíes and Jair Alberto Gómez have signed a legal agreement for the reparation of damages related to the March 11 traffic incident, under which Sentíes will pay a settlement to Gómez.After a preliminary investigation, both parties decided to end the conflict over the actions of an employee of Sentíes, who beat Jair Alberto Gómez. A video of the incident was uploaded to social media.In exchange, Gómez will take measures to end the controversy, and will not press charges against Sentíes.The parties sent a letter to the Mexico City government and court system informing them of the settlement.

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