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  • Mexico City Legislator Accuses Chief Clerk of Corruption

  • ALDF Deputy José Alfonso Suárez del Real accused the city's Chief Clerk, José Silva Morales, of corruption related to insurance contracts


28 of March 2016 18:36:30

[caption id="attachment_9416" align="alignleft" width="185"]Sesion_ALDF-2.jpg José Alfonso Suárez del Real. Photo:ía José Martínez.[/caption]José Alfonso Suárez del Real, deputy for the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) in the Mexico City Congress (ALDF), accused the city’s chief clerk, José Silva Morales, of corruption related to the granting of government contracts.The clerk granted 2.4 billion pesos ($140 million) worth of contracts to various insurers through a restricted, private bidding process.Suárez del Real added that the Mexico City government had obtained 600 million pesos from the insurers, because it had asked for 25 percent for the awarding of contracts.The Morena legislator recalled that, in 2015, Silva Morales was denounced for irregularities in the city’s acquisition of garbage trucks, information services and food vouchers.He asked that Silva Morales explain and justify the contracts, which were granted through the Integral Program for Insuring Heritage Assets.


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