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Saturday 22 of June 2024

Kolon Industries to Open Plant in Coahuila

Korean manufacturer announces $10.9 million investment


Coahuila Gov. Rubén Moreira Valdez said that the healthy competition within the state and the high level of education in it’s schools encourages more companies, such as Kolon Industries, to invest in Coahuila.

In a ceremony at the Technological University of Coahuila (UTC), the governor announced that the Korean airbag manufacturing company has agreed a deal to invest around 200 million pesos ($10.9 million) into the state, creating 500 new direct jobs. Kolon Industries President Kwang Oh Kim and General Manager Jongman Lee were both present at the ceremony, as well as Ramos Arizpe Mayor Ricardo Aguirre Gutiérrez and several state government officials.

The governor stressed that the arrival of Kolon Industries in Mexico is a direct result of the promotional tour he completed in Asia several months ago.

Moreira added that the decision to work in Ramos Arizpe is due to the high levels of education in the municipality.

It is essential to continue to produce well-trained workers as well as working on security and infrastructure development if Coahuila is to attract further investment, said the governor.

Coahuila is the third highest exporter in Mexico and enjoys the second highest electrical coverage in the country, Moreira noted.

Kolon Industries President Kwang Oh Kim thanked the governor for his support during the installation and construction process of the new Ramos Arizpe factory.