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  • INEGI Reports Levels of Life Satisfaction

  • In particular, urbanites 18 and older showed the highest levels of emotional well-being

, photo: Flickr/Héctor Sánchez

25 of August 2016 15:01:04

Mexicans have a high level of life satisfaction, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Last July, an average of 8.1 out of 10 was reported for life quality in Mexico.This average is slightly higher than in July 2015, when it was reported at 8. Of all the spheres reported, the highest levels of satisfaction were reported in the private sphere.The level of life satisfaction takes into account adults' perceptions regarding their lives in three general areas: satisfaction with life in general and with one's self, mental health and emotional balance.Of all the areas of satisfaction, personal relationships were reported with the highest average at 8.6, while national security and citizen safety registered the lowest averages, with 6.2 and 5.1 respectively.In comparison with July of 2015, the levels of satisfaction are higher in the following seven areas: personal relationships, occupation, housing, health, future outlook, quality of life and free time, INEGI said.INEGI added that satisfaction in areas related to success and surroundings did not change, but satisfaction for urban life, national and personal security were all reported to have dropped since last year.Specifically, the area related to national security went down the most, which fell three tenths of a level and was recorded at its lowest since July of 2013.In particular, urbanites 18 and older showed the highest levels of emotional well-being.

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