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The News
  • INE Orders Limiting Alcohol Sale Hours

  • There are more than 7.4 million potential voters in Mexico City

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03 of June 2016 14:15:04

The National Electoral Institute (INE) asked Mexico City’s Governance Secretariat to limit the hours of service of establishments that sell alcoholic beverages on election day Sunday June 5. The institute considered it appropriate to implement all measures available to the authorities to help ensure order during the elections.On June 5, 60 members of Mexico City’s Constituent Assembly will be elected, for which 12,789 ballot boxes will be distributed throughout the territory of the 27 federal electoral districts.A total of 51,156 citizens will serve as board officials. Representatives of all political parties and independent candidates and election observers will also be present.The INE released a statement saying that there are more than 7.4 million potential voters in Mexico City, who were urged to vote.

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