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Friday 14 of June 2024

'Hoy No Circula' Criticized by Social Encounter Party in Assembly

Photo: Isaac Esquivel/
Photo: Isaac Esquivel/
Carlos Candelaria López of the PES calls for changes to the Hoy No Circula plan in Mexico City

The Social Encounter Party (PES) urged Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera to rectify modifications to the “Hoy No Circula” program, a point of agreement presented by Carlos Candelaria López, coordinator of the PES caucus, before a plenary session of the Legislative Assembly.

“The proposed changes to this program are unconstitutional, they generate an act of nuisance. They restrict freedom of property use and the inhabitants of Mexico City, therefore it’s a violation of their real right to enjoyment,” he said.

The legislator emphasized that they should also consider the quality of public service vehicles, as some are polluting more than private vehicles.

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 05ABRIL2016.- Policías de tránsito realizan un operativo para sancionar a los automovilistas que no cumplan con la nueva reglamentación del Hoy no circula. FOTO: ISAAC ESQUIVEL /CUARTOSCURO.COM
Traffic cops perform are stationed to cite motorists who fail to comply with the new “Hoy no Circula” regulations. Photo: Isaac Esquivelo/

He explained that according to the Atmospheric Sciences Center of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the new mode of the program aims to remove up to 20 percent of the Megalopolis’ cars from circulation per day, and this will result in only a maximum 5 percent reduction of the ozone generated into the atmosphere.

“Also, mega-works being made in the city should be canceled; for example the underpass which is taking place in Río Churubusco, blocks ahead of the intersection with Avenida Insurgentes. That site is a source generating the most pollution,” Candelaria López said.

He states that the PES parliamentary group opposes the program modifications Hoy No Circula, “because it is not a real solution to the problems of pollution in the city.”