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A volunteer looks at a car smashed under the rubble of a building that collapsed on Peten Street, south of Mexico City, during the 7.1. magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico's central region Tuesday afternoon, photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez

22 of September 2017 13:53:31

Many relief centers in Mexico City have received overwhelming support from people across Mexico City, but areas in the south like Xochimilco have been overlooked.

The community of San Gregorio is said to be in need of both supplies and volunteers. Many social media posts over the early hours of Friday are calling for medications, although The News has been unable to confirm that all the requests are accurate, some shelters have posted specific items needed.As of 12:33 p.m., a relief center located in the school Alemán Alexander Von Humboldt in Xochimilco is still asking for the following supplies:Baby cream, talcum powder, baby diapers, wipes, powder milk, bars of soap, cookies, canned beans, canned vegetables, large water jugs and medicine supplies such as alcohol, insulin, paracetamol, bandages, face masks and oxygenated water. News recommends that you double check the time and place of social media posts asking for supplies in order to deliver them when and where they are most needed.

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