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Friday 24 of May 2024

Green Fund Should Get Road Infrastructure Resources: Padilla

The "Hoy no Circula" restriction is meant to produce less air pollution in Mexico City,Photo: Saúl López/
Jesús Padilla Zenteno called it naive to think car restrictions alone will solve the poor air quality in Mexico City

The president of the Mexican Transport and Mobility Association (AMTM) Jesús Padilla Zenteno called it naive to think that the poor air quality registered in Mexico City will be resolved with further restrictions on car use, as established by the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis.

“We needed to know many years ago that what is needed is quality transportation, and what is needed to do it; there has to be resources put in, there has to be organization, there has to be a decision,” Padilla Zenteno said. “How long is this going to take? At least to the end of the administration of Dr. Mancera, and another six years, minimum. For us to think this will be solved three months would be very naive.”

The entepreneur proposed to the federal government that of the budget allocated to road infrastructure, that 10 percent be allocated to the green fund to invest in public transport, with the intention of making it more efficient and used by more people than individual cars.

For us to think this will be solved three months would be very naive.” -Jesús Padilla Zentano, president of the Mexican Transport and Mobility Association

“This is a grand call to the national government, the federal government to truly put a green fund through a tax or destined resources both. Today we suddenly see $32 billion on roads; lend us two billion for public transportation, 10% of what they are investing in pavement must transfer into rolling stock,” Padilla Zenteno continued.

As for the refusal by some governors to implement the “Hoy no Circula” program — a restriction on personal vehicle use — in their states as a preventive measure, Padilla Zenteno said that is must be implemented or some politicians would find it an unpopular decision.