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The News
Thursday 21 of October 2021

Government Promotes Five Year Plan and Improvement in Quintana Roo Streets

Governor Roberto Borge Angulo proud of state-wide investments that have improved street mobility

CHETUMAL, Quintana Roo – Governor Roberto Borge Angulo said that during his administration, through the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), 176 million pesos have been invested in the construction and conservation of 2,557,724 square meters of streets and avenues in the city’s 11 municipalities.

“These resources have been applied since the first day of my administration in 2011,” he explained. To this date 176.3 million pesos have been marked for reconstruction programs, avenue development, repaving, potholes, traffic and construction of fittings and sidewalks.

Photo: The News
314,804 square meters of streets and avenues have been improved in Quintana Roo over the last five years of governmental investment. Photo: The News

The chief of the state’s executive branch said that the infrastructure improvements were spurred by a desire to allow better mobility throughout roadways.

“Through Sintra we built 314,804 square meters of streets and avenues, 2,242,920 square meters of conservation and 43,783 linear meters of fittings and sidewalks,” explained the governor.

Borge Angulo said that the goals achieved by his government “have a large impact on the State.”

The Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport, Fernando Escamilla Carrillo, highlighted the construction of Avenue 135 in Cozumel and the Arco Vial Bicentario, the North Branch and streets in the region 517; Cuna Maya, Leona Vicario, Unidad Morelos and Lombardo Toledano in Cancún.

“In Cancún, in addition to the construction and modernization of streets and avenues, we applied a traffic program, with an investment of more than 30 million pesos, to make facilitate vehicular transit,” he added.

Finally, in Chetumal 42 million pesos were invested for the reconstruction of roads, through emerging programs advised by Governor Borge Angulo.