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The News
  • Former President Fox Criticizes Trump Again

  • Mexican politician compares Republican candidate's proposals with Hoover administration's policies

, Photo: Cuartoscuro/Hilda Ríos

26 of March 2016 13:40:42

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada sent a new message against Donald Trump."Wake up America from this Republican nightmare," said Fox in a video released by Centro Fox in YouTube."To our dear neighbors in America: We the rest of the world have a strong preocupation about some proposals being made in the U.S. electoral process to set a new path and policies to isolate that great nation from the rest of the world by building walls and promoting trade wars," said Fox."Donald Trump, with no compassion with total ignorance of history and economy is repeating President Hoover's strategies and policies that brought about the most gigantic ever depression of the U.S. economy," said Fox.

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