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Wednesday 29 of May 2024

Five Dead After Encounter in Guanajuato Bar

Photo of the General Hospital in Irapuato,photo:
Photo of the General Hospital in Irapuato,photo:
Five people were killed in an encounter in a bar in Irapuato on Tuesday night

Late Tuesday night in Irapuato, Guanajuato, five people — three women and two men — were murdered in the “La Parranda” bar, located on Prolongación Guerrero Avenue. Two men dressed in hooded sweatshirts and ski-masks got out of a vehicle and came into the bar armed with rifles.

Initial reports claimed that three people had died and that three more were injured, but reports Wednesday said that two more of the victims passed away in the General Hospital. The first version reported that two waitresses, one of whom has since died, were among the wounded.

The Public Security Secretary, Samuel Ugalde, appeared on-site with police officers, as well as personnel from the Criminal Investigation Agency of the State Attorney General’s Office and State Forces. A joint forces operation was carried out to check the area around the bar, but no information has come out about whether or not the guilty have been apprehended.