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Thursday 20 of June 2024

Fidel Castro Honored by Mexican Novelists, Politicians, More

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Fidel in the Mexican Imagination is a compilation of articles that describe the personality, thought and actions of the Cuban commander that was presented by the Senate, in the old Legislative halls.

Internationalists, writers and Mexican politicians participated in the document.

“Fidel is like a tree of life, infinite beings in a single branch, that’s how multifaceted and multidimensional is the ensemble of this play: a type of symphony of words and images sketched by his silohuette, that of his thoughts and deeds,” described Katiuska Blanco Castiñeira, Castro biographer.

Dagoberto Rodríguez, embassador of Cuba in Mexico recognized the book as a sum of anecdotes, personal experiences, reflections and historical estimates, accompanied by images with high historical and artistic content.

He shared that “Fidel said: revolution is a sense of the historic moment, it’s changing all that should be changed, it’s full equality and freedom, it’s being treated as human beings.”

The senator Dolores Padierna spoke of the importance of the roots that unite the Mexican and Cuban people.

“The Mexican and Cuban people are united by deep cultural, political and social roots. The revolutions of our two countries have inspired and still guide the Latin American desires for independence and social justice. It’s a relationship that cannot be explained without the figure of Fidel Castro,” she affirmed.

In the book also participated Yeidckol Polevnsky, the general secretariat of Morena, who affirmed that Fidel Castro should be an example to follow in world politics.

“For us it’s a source of pride, that he has been a light for our America,” he said.