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Friday 05, June 2020
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Federal Police Announce 'Operativo Semana Santa'

The goal of the operation will be to prevent car accidents and crimes, as well as to offer aid to travelers on the more than 49 thousand kilometers of federal highways
By The News · 18 of March 2016 10:19:43
CONTINÚA SALIDA DE TURISTAS DE DESTINOS DE GUERRERO, 60104169. Acapulco, 4 Ene (Notimex-Adriana Covarrubias).- Al iniciar la primera semana del año, los destinos turísticos de Guerrero lograron captar una ocupación hotelera del 83.4 por ciento. El éxodo de vacacionistas hacia sus lugares de origen continúa, la Policía Federal, División Caminos, reportó una salida por la Autopista del Sol en la caseta de La Venta de 28 vehículos por minuto y cinco de entrada.NOTIMEX/FOTO/ADRIANA COVARRUBIAS/COR/HUM/, No available

The National Security Commission has announced that starting with the first minute of Saturday, March 19, “Operativo Semana Santa,” or ‘Operation Holy Week’ will begin.

The goal of the operation will be to prevent car accidents and crimes, as well as to offer aid to travelers on the more than 49 thousand kilometers of federal highways, and to support those at bus terminals and airports.

The operation will end at midnight on April 3. More than 8,000 police, around 4,000 vehicles including patrol cars, motorcycles and ambulances. The goal is to safeguard the integrity and the belongings of people through aid, security, verification, inspection and vigilance operations.

The Federal Police will also install orientation and aid stands for road users, especially in places with high density of travelers in other periods of the year.

To complete the tasks, the National Security Commission, through the Federal Police, will carry out Operation Cinturón, to enforce laws that require motorists and passengers to wear seat belts, Operation Carrusel, to promote respect for speed limits, and Operation Radar, which helps detect vehicles that violate speed limits.

They will also carry out Operation Telurio, for bus passengers, Operation Caballero del Camino, to give directions, medical help and aid to motorists on highways, Operation Viajero Seguro, which consists in random audits of bus stations, and Operation Preventative Medicine on the Road (30 D), through which the physical state of drivers and vehicles will be checked.

The National Security Commission works in coordination with authorities at all three levels of government as well as with the Secretariats of Tourism, Communication, Transportation and Federal Roads and Bridges.

The Federal Police recommends doing the following to ensure a safe trip:

-Check the mechanical condition of your vehicle before starting the trip
-Stay in safe places during layovers
-Download the PF Móvil App
-Respect road signs
-Don’t drive tired
-Make sure all your passengers wear seat belts
-Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
-Children should ride in the back seat
-Respect speed limits
-Don’t pass on the right or on the shoulder
-If you need to stop, put reflective items on your car so that you will be visible to other drivers
-Use official rest stops to rest and don’t stop in desolate places
-Maintain good visibility in the vehicle to observe the highway and the people driving on it

The National Security Commission can be reached at 088 to receive and attend to complaints and reports, which may be anonymous. The PF can be reached on twitter @CEAC_CNS, by email at [email protected] or through the PF Móvil 2.0 App, available for all cellular platforms.