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Monday 30 of January 2023

Deputy Requests Hoy No Circula Exemption For Supply Transport

Supply trucks on their way into Mexico City,photo: Armando Monroy/Cuartoscuro
Supply trucks on their way into Mexico City,photo: Armando Monroy/Cuartoscuro
Daily 1.1 million tons of cargo is mobilized in 68,000 vehicles, much of it perishable food supply for Mexico City

The Chamber of Deputies Transport Committee called on the Mexico City government and the Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAMe) to exempt trucking from the Hoy No Circula program because otherwise it could collapse the region’s supply system, mainly of perishable products.

TEPOTZOTLÁN, ESTADO DE MÉXICO, 06ABRIL2016.- Transportistas bloquearon durante varias horas la caseta de Tepotzotlán con dirección a la Ciudad de México, en protesta por que no los dejaron acceder por las medidas implementadas por el doble "Hoy No Circula". FOTO: ARMANDO MONROY /CUARTOSCURO.COM
Photo: Armando Monroy/Cuartoscuro

Bárbara Botello, deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), said that every day in Mexico City around 1.1 million tons of cargo is mobilized in 68,000 vehicles; mainly in food supply, the limited schedule set by authorities creates a risk of spoilage.

She said that the measures announced by the authorities to protect the health of those living in the megalopolis are one-sided and do not solve the problem of air pollution, but requires long-term measures that do not affect sectors the economy, least of all to the transport supply chain.

Therefore she does not agree with the restrictions announced for trucking perishable items which only can circulate daily during the limited hours of 10 pm to 5 am, running the risk of collapse of the supply system of these products, this point urges city authorities and the CAMe.

“They cannot take an arbitrary and entirely unilateral measure, many factors need to be taken into account, with an obligation of carriers involved, along with a benefit to the environment; also considering the issue of security and especially the mobility and supply to the city of Mexico,” Botello said.

She said that many perishable products come from different states like San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, Querétaro and Durango, so they should not be restricting this transportation as beyond the economic losses generated by this measure, the problem could be a lack of supplies.