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Tuesday 29 of November 2022

Current and Former Federal Police Protest Layoffs and Demand Dignified Jobs

Police officers march for a more dignified profession,photo: CAPITAL MEDIA
Police officers march for a more dignified profession,photo: CAPITAL MEDIA
The "March with bravery and valor for a dignified federal police" and drew around one thousand protesters

Around one thousand federal police officers marched from the Ángel de la Independencia to the offices of the Interior Secretariat (Segob), in protest for “unjustified layoffs”.

The demonstration was carried out under the title “March with bravery and valor for a dignified federal police”.

During the event a petition was turned over to the Senate of the Republic, asking that their demands be heard after three years without favorable responses.

These demands include respect for their human and labor rights and the reinstatement of 5,000 officers that were laid off, for various circumstances, including failing the Trust Exam, which seeks to determine if they are somehow linked to illegal activities or corruption.

The president of the movement to dignify the federal police, Ruben Aguirre Lechuga, criticized the federal government for determining a public servant’s behavior trough polygraph tests, considering there wasn’t qualified personnel to carry them out.

Serial killers have passed this exam and teachers have flunked, so it isn’t fair that after five, 10, 26 or 35 years of service the federal government fires all the colleagues present here today.”

-Ruben Aguilar Lechuga, President of the Movement to Dignify the Federal Police

He stated that most of the former officers that were fired and were registered on the “Plataforma Mexico” (Platform Mexico), where public security data is aggregated, and which has made it imposible to find another job.

“I can’t find a job because right now at a public or private institution because I’m registered on the Plataforma Mexico as a criminal.”