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Friday 19 of April 2024

Consumer Protection Operations Continue With Transportation

Profeco operates in the Central de Autobúses del Norte,Photo: Notimex/José Pazos
Profeco operates in the Central de Autobúses del Norte,Photo: Notimex/José Pazos
Profeco goes to the Central de Autobúses del Norte to regulate buses and taxis for Semana Santa travel

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) conducted an operation in the Central de Autobúses del Norte in the Gustavo A. Madero delegation, where it was found that prices in the buses groups are respected in general, as well as discounts to students, adults seniors and people with disabilities.

Ernesto Nemer Álvarez, head of Profeco, said that the agreement between the Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) together with bus companies has generated good results for the benefit of travelers.

60322047. México, 22 Mar. 2016 (Notimex-José Pazos).- El titular de la Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco), Ernesto Nemer, colocó sellos de suspensión de actividades en algunos mostradores de líneas de autobuses y de servicio de taxis en la Central Camionera del Norte, por no mostrar precios o no aplicar los descuentos para este periodo de Semana Santa. NOTIMEX/FOTO/JOSÉ PAZOS/JPF/EBF/
The head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), Ernesto Nemer, placed labels suspension of activities in some counters bus lines and taxi service in the Central de Autobúses del Norte, not show prices or apply the discounts this Semana Santa. Photo: Notimex/José Pazos

“You have witnessed significant manner that fee prices are displayed, respecting discounts is very important and especially with this agreement has been Communications and Transport Secretariat with lines of trucks that discount seniors, people with disabilities, students, and children seems to us fundamental,” said Nemer Álverez.

He continued, “What happened is that are rates published in general terms and they should be very specific, for example, if they a hire taxi service, if from here to a hotel in point X of the city, in the center of the city there is not a specific fee, the distance from here to there will carry the general charge.”

“Of course we are installing modules at airports, in the supply centers, also scales in the supply centers to weigh on return, and above all we must have permanent staff in the central bus station.”

In the operation, suspension stamps were placed on counters of the Línea Costa, taxi services and a fantasy shop that lacked clarity in terms and conditions, and misleading advertising.