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Wednesday 03, June 2020
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Anti-Kidnapping Activist Says Authorities do not Report all Cases

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By The News · 22 of February 2016 20:00:44
REPORTE SOBRE LA INCIDENCIA NACIONAL DE SECUESTROS, 41015065. México, D.F.- La presidenta de la asociación Alto al secuestro, Isabel Miranda de Wallace, dio a conocer el reporte sobre la Incidencia Nacional de Secuestros. NOTIMEX/FOTO/BERNARDO MONCADA/BMR/POL/, No available


The News

Due to inadequate methodology, the Executive Secretary of the National Security System reports less kidnappings than those occurring every month, assured Isabel Miranda de Wallace, president of the organization “Stop Kidnapping”.

She detailed that only in January of this year her organization registered 146 kidnappings while federal authorities counted only 107 cases.

In other words, a difference of 39 non-reported cases.

“There also is a discrepancy in the figures being given once again in the executive secretariat, because they are not accounting for preliminary investigations and all of the victims,” she said.

During a press conference she stated that the difference with the figures reported by the federal government is due to an inadequate methodology as well as the incompetence of federal police.

While presenting the monthly report on incidence of kidnapping she detailed that in January the 146 listed kidnappings had led to 225 victims and 139 detained.

Additionally, Isabel Miranda de Wallace specified that the states with greater cumulated incidence where the State of Mexico, Veracruz and Guerrero, with growing figures in the last two.

The president of “Stop Kidnapping” said that the case of Guerrero was worrying.

“It is not enough to bring the army, it is not enough to bring the Navy, they will not be able to contain the violence in Guerrero, what you need in Guerrero is a transversal strategy, which means working from the regeneration of social fabric,” she assured.

She indicated that, based on her records, more than 7 thousand cases of kidnapping have occurred during the present administration.

“From the start of this administration on December the first to the end of January of this year we have accumulated 7129 kidnappings, amounting to 188 kidnappings per month, which is barbaric,” she said.

The president of “Stop Kidnapping” estimated that 18 percent of victims of kidnapping die or never return home.