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Tuesday 21 of May 2024

Audit of Public Space Authority called for by PRD deputy

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The Monitoring Committee of the Auditing Agency in the Mexico City Congress (ALDF), chaired by Iván Texta Solís, requested a review of the agreements made by the Public Space Authority

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Mexico City – The Monitoring Committee of the Auditing Agency in the Mexico City Congress (ALDF), chaired by Iván Texta Solís, requested a review of the agreements made by the Public Space Authority in Mexico City, as an audit of the office’s work.

The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) deputy said in a statement before the absence of the PRD well be forced to declare the session of the Permanent Council without quorum. Requests for a hearing would be submitted to various officials involved with the problem, the statement said, and three requests were sent, one of the Public Space Authority, to submit a detailed report on the agreements with the VerdMX association and the company JC Decaux.

The second request was addressed to the Comptroller General of Mexico City to revise those agreements and submit a report to the Congress, in order to have as much information on the process.

The third request, continued Texta Solís was for the Mexico City Auditing Agency, in the scope of its powers and functions, apply an audit of the agreements, and to the work of the Public Space Authority.

“We, the deputies of the PRD are committed to transparency and accountability, we believe in the institutions and why we make these requests, which are intended to cleave the larger amount of data on the information disseminated in the media,” Texta Solís said.

Texta Solís said that once the reports and the results of the audit are received, they may request the attendance of any official who is involved with the subject of the challenged agreements and demand the full application of the law in the case that there are irregularities.

Finally, the PRD deputy said that the Public Space Authority is the body responsible for coordinating the restoration and development of certain areas of the city. Improving sidewalks, street furniture, public transport, lighting, painting, gardening and street vendor removal are some of the tasks it performs in the capital.