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Saturday 13 of April 2024

What You're Doing This Weekend in Mexico City

Everybody likes weekends,photo: Pixabay
Everybody likes weekends,photo: Pixabay
Festivals, bike rides and plants for everyone


April has the perfect weather for nice, long bike rides, don’t you think? La Bipo and Le Coq Sportif have organized one such ride at 6 p.m. How long? From La Bipo Roma to La Bipo San Ángel. How nice? DJ Felllah will be cheering on the riders with tunes all the way to the end, where a book presentation awaits. This event, aptly named La gran rodada, celebrates the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle and launches Rogelio Garza’s book “Las bicicletas y sus dueños.” Also there will be a display of photos from Gisela Ochoa’s project “Todo lo que somos, radiografía ciclista de México.” The event is free.


Chocoholics and coffee maniacs of the city, rejoice! Bazarmania is putting together the tastebud-pleasing festival we’ve all been waiting for, the Fiesta Artesanal del Café y Chocolate. The fair-trade products you will find include different varieties of cacao and coffee beans from all over the country, every shape and combination you can possibly imagine. There will also be a gourmet area where you can get savory food and maybe a mezcal or a glass of wine or both. The market runs all weekend from 12-7 p.m. and entrance is free. Bazarmania is located at Jalapa 90, Roma.


Manga, sushi and karaoke are some of the Japanese imports that have gained enormous popularity in Mexico. The ever increasing love for all things Japanese has finally spawned a festival to celebrate and enjoy a day devoted to the cultural and gastronomic staples of the country of the rising sun. The Matsuri Festival — a fair with concerts, food, and contests — will be touring Mexico for a few months. The Mexico City edition will take place at Frikiplaza Uruguay 17 on Saturday and Frikiplaza Eje Central on Sunday. Activities begin at 12 p.m., entrance is free.

Adopt a plant! Yes, a plant. Those lovely, quiet beings that actually like to hear your voice and demand nothing but water and sunlight. Domestic companionship and instant beautifying of spaces guaranteed. It doesn’t matter  if you are just a newbie committing to your first fern or if you are looking to expand your green family, head to the Mercado de Plantas y Flores in Cuemanco to find yourself a new photosynthetic friend. The adoption event will take place from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., remember donations (5-10 pesos) are always welcome.


Gadgets have become ubiquitous in our lives, from the inseparable phones in our pockets to the laptop that serves as an extension to our very limbs; technology is as close to us as the clothes we wear. To show just how much this is true, go see Cuerpos perfectos y máquinas rebeldes an exhibition at the Laboratorio de Arte Alameda that explores the use of technology in fashion and wearables and how it creates different angles to the bodies that sport them. The show is made up of national and international artists who give a fresh perspective to the role of technology and its applications to garments or bodies. The museum opens at 9 a.m. and entrance is free.