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16 of February 2017 10:13:57

THURSDAYGet your Meryl Streep fix this weekend at Film Club Café. If the idea of Meryl Streep doesn't get you jazzed, remember that tickets are free at the Film Café Club if you get a meal (you can't beat a deal). On Thursday 'Music of the Heart' is playing, but check out the full schedule here.FRIDAYBook nerds/lovers/collectors should make their way over to Biblioteca Vasconcelos this weekend for "Leer la Ciudad." On Friday Héctor López will be speaking about Luigi Amara's "A pie" and on Saturday morning Ari Santillán will be presenting on Bolaño's "Savage Detectives." There are other events throughout the weekend and they are all free. Check out the full schedule here.Foro Normandie always brings the best electro acts to Mexico City. This week DJ Matthew Dear, whose first LP came out three years ago, will be playing experimental pop/dance. He's collaborated with The XX, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, Hot Chip, The Chemical Brothers, and many others. So if you trust my advice, and I'm sure you do, this is not a show you should miss. If you can't catch his show at Foro Normandie on Friday, you can find him at Bahidorá on Saturday.SATURDAYWere you alone on Valentine's Day and maybe still feeling a little salty about it? Forever Alone Fest, now in its third edition, will give you a communal event for your angst. Hosted by Foro Indie Rocks, the event includes shows by This Will Destroy You, Caspian, Ttng, TOTORRO, The Polar Dream, Mylets, For Dummies and Tortuganómina, among others. Tickets range between 500-1,300 pesos and doors open at 2 p.m. on Saturday.I think we can all agree that Shakira peaked in the nineties. This weekend Bahía Bar will be putting on an event so that all the lonely boys and girls can sing along with Shakira ("¿Dónde estás corazón?"). Yolanda will be hosting and entrance is 50 pesos. Doors open at 10 p.m.SUNDAYIf all the partying leaves you needing a good hangover cure, head over to Taco Fest in Huerto Roma Verde. Use your imagination and think of all the things you can fill a taco with. You'll probably find all of that and more this weekend. Doors open at 11 a.m.

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