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Wednesday 28 of July 2021

Weekly Horocopes

The sun hides behind the Angel of Independence,photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez
The sun hides behind the Angel of Independence,photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez
Venus means love is in the air

Venus moves into Aquarius on Wednesday and things get light and exciting. This cycle is all about experimentation and risk with a special someone.


Your social senses are on fire this week and find you moving in and out of circles that all affirm you and fill you with positive energy. Ultimately, you’ll want to be a bit discerning and focus on the group or organization that deserves the most of your time so that you don’t spread yourself too thin. You might have to miss that Carla Morrison concert this weekend, but your new group will feed your soul in more gratifying ways.


Eyes on you. However, this week brings strategic socializing, not necessarily time with your old pals. You’ll find yourself in situations — perhaps at a gallery opening in Roma, a lecture at UNAM, or a new restaurant in el Centro — in which you’re meeting new people and planning for future collaborations. Don’t hide your politics for fear of alienating someone. If they’re not interested in your beliefs, they’re not interested in you.


Things have been quite serious for some time and you’ve been trying to pry yourself out of your house for weeks. However, you’ve also spent some time planning and your outlook is unnaturally optimistic. Something is coming your way to refresh your perspective, so make sure not to be so hard on yourself, and instead of heading to intense social events this weekend, sit outside of Museo Tamayo with a new book.


Powers of attraction are in your hands. This week is not about friendship or partnership. Fire and passion are the only things that will hold your attention these days. Find the loudest party in Zona Rosa and there you’ll also meet your lover.


Tend to your own physical and mental health this week. Although Venus brings connections with others, you can’t think about relationships until you can meet your needs on your own. This doesn’t mean being holed up in your room. Head to the Zócalo and draw people walking by or write some notes, whatever you feel will reenergize you.


Perhaps you’ve been gone from home for a while, or moving through significant changes. This period will have you returning to your roots, either physically, spiritually or mentally. Maybe this means traveling back to Acapulco, maybe it means developing those rolls of film you’ve had stashed away. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to revisit the past.


You’ve been moping around recently. You’ve been spending a lot of time in used bookstores in el Centro and eating alone. It’s time for this all to end and your hibernation period to be over. This might just mean a trip to Ajusco, or some new conversations with your roommate. Make sure not to overwhelm yourself.


Things are going fast relationship-wise and you’re hesitant to put the brakes on. Just make sure things don’t end as quickly as they started. Although other things may not be as interesting as your new lover, perhaps spend some time with friends at the gardens or nursery in Coyoacán.


This time is for community and stories. Find a place that feels intimate and inviting, maybe a plaza or library in Santa María de la Ribera, maybe in your apartment. Make sure that whatever you do together — maybe a collective writing workshop or a storytelling event — you document the ideas and people present. Create an object that you can display or share with those who couldn’t attend.


This week you’ll spend a generous amount of time connecting with new acquaintances. Go the extra mile and show them you care. Find new torta places to take your new friends to.


You may have a few new suitors, or if you’re in a partnership, this might mean a few lovers running in around in your head. Although monogamy should not stress you, give yourself some room to breath and think. Find some neutral spaces where you can have your mezcal in peace. Maybe spend the weekend on your own.


As you start approaching others, don’t avoid what’s on your mind and keep your thoughts to yourself. However, there are lots of ways to express yourself and maybe spending a night singing karaoke is all you need. Go to that noodle place on Hamburgo and spend the rest of the night singing Paulina Rubio to get the release you crave.