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Tuesday 21 of May 2024

The Pope Debuts New Instagram Account

Pope Francis addresses Catholic Charities clients at a luncheon on G Street
Pope Francis addresses Catholic Charities clients at a luncheon on G Street
Catholic leader takes social media by storm

After his success on Twitter, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis will be opening an Instagram account, where fans will be able to view photos and short videos from the Supreme Pontiff.

Holy Seat Communication Secretariat prefect Dario Viganó announced that the new channel would be named @Franciscus. Viganó added that although the account will be officially launched by the pope March 19 during the St. John celebration, to mark his three year anniversary as pope, the account is already active and contains two photos.

Currently, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has a total of almost 27.5 million followers on his nine different Twitter account, to which he posts in different languages, and has written a little over 700 messages.

60217296. Ciudad Juárez, Chih., 17 Feb. 2016 (Notimex-Presidencia).- El presidente Enrique Peña Nieto agradeció al Papa Francisco su visita México minutos antes de que el Pontífice iniciara su viaje de regreso a Roma desde el Aeropuerto Internacional “Abraham González”, de esta ciudad de la frontera. NOTIMEX/FOTO/PRESIDENCIA/COR/REL/PAPA15/NOT/HOY
Pope Francis visits Mexico earlier this year. Photo: NOTIMEX

His account in Spanish is the most followed, with 11.3 million followers, followed by his account in English (8.8 million), in Italian (3.4 million), Portuguese (two million), Polish (578,000), French (438,000), Latin (425,000), German (302,000) and Arabic (238,000).

Up until now, @Pontifex was the pope’s only official account. The Vatican has profiles on other social networks like YouTube and Facebook, but they are either institutional pages that do not belong to the Catholic leader or are false accounts.