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Friday 01 of March 2024

Most Notable LGBT Characters in Comics

Edit of Wonder Woman in front of the Pride flag,photo: Maria Trueba/
Edit of Wonder Woman in front of the Pride flag,photo: Maria Trueba/
In honor of Pride Month we list a few notable LGBT characters in both Marvel and DC

Representation is important. We all have a desire to see ourselves in television, in movies, in comic books. It connects us in a deeper way to the story and to the character and yes that makes us a lot more invested in whatever media we’re consuming. Here at The News we know how important all of it is and since it is Pride Month we figured, why not?

While the majority of the characters we see in our media are still either white or straight (or both), but we are getting closer and closer to having more representation, especially of the LGBT community. There are various LGBT characters throughout both DC and Marvel but we’re going to focus on a select few, the ones people maybe didn’t know fell under the LGBT umbrella. And they are all characters people will recognize.

*Note: All this characters have been confirmed as queer by either canon or by their writers.

8. Miss America – Marvel Comics

America Chavez is an 18 year old lesbian latina superhero. She was created in 2011 but has now gotten her own series. She’s got the ability to punch through dimensions and has extraordinary speed. She’s a queer puerto rican girl who means a lot to many young girls around the world, especially latinas. Because sometimes you can find latina characters or queer characters but you rarely find both.

7. Pied Piper – DC Comics

Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper is a reformed villain of the Flash’s Rogues’ gallery. He has a close friendship with Wally West. He was one of the first gay characters to be confirmed within canon way back in 1991 (when there was a severe lack of LGBT characters) in The Flash issue #3. Hartley has appeared in the television show The Flash and he is portrayed by bisexual actor Andy Mientus.

6. Mystique – Marvel Comics

Mystique is a character that both the fans of the movies and fans of the comics recognize. She’s been portrayed by Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence. She is also one of the longest running LGBT characters in comic book history, she has been referred to as a bisexual character and as a character with fluid sexuality (and gender). Over the course of the characters history she’s been with both male and female characters although her most important relationship is with fellow mutant Destiny.

5. Northstar – Marvel Comics

Jean-Paul Baubier was originally concieved as a gay man by creator John Byrne back in 1979 but because apparently there was a blockade from Marvel’s side saying there could not be any gay characters. It wasn’t until 1992 that Northstar was allowed to come out of the closet, in the least subtle way possible by basically yelling “I am gay!” to the press in issue #106 of Alpha Flight. And since then has broken ground for marrying his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu and being the first gay marriage in a Marvel comic book.

4. Catwoman – DC Comics

Selina Kyle is one of the most iconic comic book characters, probably of all time, she’s up there with the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Jean Grey etc. Most people also remember her for her iconic relationship to Bruce Wayne. But there’s more to Selina than Bruce and for the longest time people had suspected she could be bisexual. In 2015 she forms a relationship that starts as allies and turns into more with the current Catwoman, Eiko Hasigaway, this of course turned romantic. Writer Genevieve Valentine confirmed on twitter that yes, Selina Kyle was a bisexual character.

3. Batwoman – DC Comics

Kate Kane, aka Batwoman was originally introduced as a love interest for Bruce Wayne during 1956 and ironically was introduced to stop the rumors of homosexual subtext in Batman and Robin’s relationship. She was reintroduced in 2006 and is now considered one of the most iconic characters in the DCU. She’s an out and proud lesbian who has been an inspiration to many girls who saw themselves in her. She’s even gotten engaged to girlfriend Maggie Sawyer.

2. John Constantine – DC Comics

John Constantine, otherwise known as Hellblazer is an occult detective, a magician and a con man. A chain smoker with a scathing wit and a heartfelt desire to defend mankind from the forces of hell and is basically the textbook definition of an anti-hero. He wears a signature trenchcoat and is an out and proud bisexual man. His bisexuality isn’t made to be a big deal it’s just a part of his character just like the trenchoat and the snark.

1. Wonder Woman – DC Comics

And here we are saving the best for last. By this point most people have already experience the wonder that is Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot but did you know the character of Diana Prince is a bisexual woman? There’s been a lot of talk of Diana’s sexuality, after all Themyscira is a land where only women lived so some fans had assumed that she could be queer. Some suggested she could be a lesbian but comic writer Greg Rucka confirmed, Diana Prince is a bisexual woman. This is very important as bisexual characters are still not always viewed in the best light even in the LGBT community. So it’s truly important for young girls who are struggling with their sexuality or have come to terms with being bisexual, to see Diana as a bisexual woman. Because Diana represents all of the things we aspire to be.

That’s our list for notable LGBT characters in DC and Marvel Comic Books, we hope you’ve enjoyed it and continue to enjoy the end of Pride Month and remember that we all deserve to be represented and we all deserve to love who we want to love.