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Thursday 20 of June 2024

Mexican Writer Criticizes Work of Cervantes

Rafael Hernández Barba talks about Cervantes work during the 400th Anniversary of the famous writer's death

According to Mexican writer Rafael Hernández Barba, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616) was an author who always had doubts and even though “Don Quijote” is a world famous work, that does not mean that he succeeded in being a great writer.

During a conference at the International Book Fair, Hernández Barba talked about the inconsistencies in Cervantes’ most famous work, even though he also recognized that apart from the Bible, it is the most read book of all time throughout the whole world.

“Don Quijote” was a great success for Cervantes, but as an experimental work. The Spanish writer never went to college and maybe because of that he was always unsure of his work, Hernández Barba speculated.

He put it the story of the lovers, or the captive. He told one story and then put in another and doubted over and over again
-Rafael Hernández Barba, Mexican writer