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Friday 14 of June 2024

They find the singer and influencer Ebony lifeless in Puebla

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Ebony's body showed signs of violence and was located in Atlixco a month after her disappearance.

On Monday, feminists and relatives of Ebony Ortiz marched through the streets of Atlixco, Puebla to demand justice for the young woman’s femicide.

“Not one more, not one more murdered,” shouted those attending the demonstration, the vast majority of whom were women.

Ebony Tookie, a 21-year-old mother of two children, singer and activist, disappeared on November 16 in the municipality of Atlixco, Puebla.

It was last Friday when the young woman was found lifeless with signs of violence, in a vacant lot.

Through her Facebook account, the influencer’s sister, Sonia Ortiz, confirmed the news and pointed out that so far the authorities have not provided them with more information.

“The news is true, we found my sister, not as we wanted to see her again, we did not have the opportunity to speak or to know what happened, I really had the hope that it was because of anger, a tantrum or that I know I was there”, Sonia Ortiz began her extensive message.

For her part, Enriqueta Rangel, Ebony’s mother, assured that they provided the Puebla Attorney General’s Office (FGEP) with names, videos and clues to find the person or persons responsible for her daughter’s death.

“We hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will react, they have data, (also) videos and evidence,” Rangel said.

The demonstrators pointed out that the municipal authorities of Atlixco justified the case of the disappearance of the young woman, arguing that it was related to drug use.

“We demand a sanction against the Director of Tourism, who found it easy to minimize the disappearance of Ébony by relating it to drug use, as if that were justification for them to disappear and kill us,” said one of the participants in the march.