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  • WALMEX Sales Grow 15.6 Percent in February

  • Walmart of Mexico and Central America had sales last month of 39.2 billion pesos, 15.9 percent higher than the same month in 2015.

50722170. México.- Durante una visita al Centro de Distribución de Perecederos, el subdirector comercial para perecederos de la cadena minorista, Luis Tellez acompañado del director de comunicación corporativa de la firma, Antonio Ocaranza, señaló que Walmart evita el impacto del tipo de cambio mediante coberturas y con el cierre de programas de compras con antelación.NOTIMEX/FOTO/BERNARDO MONCADA/BMR/EBF,

03 of March 2016 21:33:52

In statement sent to the general public and investors, the chain said that total sales in February of 2016, added up to 31.9 million pesos, an amount which involved an increase in annual terms of 12.6 percentage points.Units sold in Central America contributed 7.3 million pesos, a 33.1 percent higher sum of 5.5 billion pesos in net sales reached in the region in February.It also explained that bi-monthly sales for the first two months of the year amounted to 83.5 billion pesos, which implied an annual growth of 15 percent, and whose figure accumulated 68.4 billion pesos operating in Mexico, while the rest (15.61 billion pesos) was recorded it the business of Central America.He explained that comparing store sales in Mexico, and stores that have more than a year in operation about the same number of 2015, sales of the company grew country annually 11.6 percent, while in Central America total sales excluding the effects of exchange rate fluctuations did so at a rate of 8.3 basis points, and units equal to 5.6 percent.

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