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Tuesday 28 of May 2024

Walmart Recognized as Socially Responsible Company

Walmart,Photo: Guillermo Perea/
Walmart,Photo: Guillermo Perea/
Corporate chain is awarded the distinction for the 16th consecutive yeaer

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and the Mexico Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance (AliaRSE) awarded Walmart the distinction of Socially Responsible Company (ESR) for the sixteenth consecutive year.

In a statement, the chain of economical department stores said it is the only company in the sector with this distinction since its first edition, as one of the 10 companies that have received this award since its inception in 2001.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEÓN, 16NOVIEMBRE2012.- Durante la madrugada de este viernes, cientos de personas acudieron a las tiendas donde se promociona el Buen Fin 2012. En su mayoría, los consumidores optaron por aparatos electrónicos.  FOTO: GABRIELA PÉREZ MONTIEL /CUARTOSCURO.COM
Customers shopping at the award winning chain for social responsibility. Photo: Gabriela Pérez Montiel/

The ESR recognizes a company carrying out actions that consistently show a strong performance in social, environmental and corporate governance issues.

For Walmart’s corporate communications director, Antonio Ocaranza, corporate responsibility is part of their culture and business strategy, and their actions are always directed toward doing the right thing for their customers, business and society.