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Wednesday 29 of May 2024

US-Mexico High Level Dialogue, an effective platform to advance economic challenges

The High Level Dialogue between the United States and Mexico took place, highlighting advances made during 2015 and defining strategic goals for 2016

The High Level Economic Dialogue (HLD) between the governments of Mexico and the United States has established itself as an effective platform to advance economic and trade challenges, said the Treasury and Public Finance Secretariat (SHCP).

He reports that to date three meetings have been held within this framework, which have defined various actions and achievement that show concrete benefits for citizens of both countries.

In the two years of work it has produced major achievements for the two countries in areas such as entrepreneurship, infrastructure modernization and border crossing processes, facilitating the flow of goods and people, educational cooperation and innovation, among others, highlighted the Mexican agency in the Weekly Report to the Speaker.

The SHCP points out that on Feb. 25 the third meeting of the DEAN took place, where they released achievements the Dialogue made during 2015 and defined strategic goals for 2016.

Among the achievements during 2015 include those related to energy, modern borders, development of human capital, regulatory cooperation, regional and global leadership, workforce development, among others.

“There are still many challenges to achieve, but economic integration continues to move forward for the benefit of the two countries. President Enrique Peña Nieto is convinced that if the governments of Mexico and the United States continue working as before, the DEAN will remain a vehicle for promoting economic growth for the benefit of all Mexicans,” stated the agency.