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  • Swiss Investigate Possible 'Abusive Pricing' by

  • A Swiss price watchdog said it found "indications" of "abusive high prices charged to hotels" seeking a listing headquarters on Rembrandt Square, in Amsterdam, photo: Wikimedia

13 of September 2017 12:03:43

GENEVA – A Swiss government agency says it has opened an investigation into possible "abusive pricing" by the online reservations provider Swiss law, the price watchdog agency, a sort of consumer-protection and competition agency, has the authority to intervene and set market prices in cases where a company with dominant market position is deemed to have set prices unfairly.Agency official Stefan Meierhans said Wednesday that it found "indications" of "abusive high prices charged to hotels" seeking a listing. He said hotel guests were not affected directly.The agency has said was "not interested in an amicable solution" and "did not want to engage in negotiations with the price watchdog.", a subsidiary of U.S.-based Priceline Group, didn't immediately respond to e-mails from a news agency seeking comment.

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