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  • Mexican Stock Exchange Falls After 8 Consecutive Days on the Rise

  • The positive cycle that had held for eight consecutive days, finally broke, closing the day with a fall of 1.01 percent

MÉXICO, D.F., 12ENERO2016.- Rosario Robles Berlanga, secretaria de Desarrollo Territorial y Urbano (Sedatu); José Oriol Bosch, presidente de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) y Pedro Vaca, director de Grupo Cadu, celebraron el timbrazo con motio de la Oferta Pública Mixta de Accones de Corpovael, a la que asistieron también los directivos de Banco Actinver y BBVA. La ceremonia se realizó en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. FOTO: MARÍA JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM,

08 of March 2016 20:43:04

The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) broke the positive cycle that that had held for eight consecutive days, closing the day with a fall of 1.01 percent.In line with widespread losses recorded for the day in most of the world stock markets, the local floor auction could not maintain the upward trend that stood for more than a week before the negative effects that caused the decline of international price of oil and heightened risk aversion.[caption id="attachment_4738" align="alignright" width="200"]Mexican Stock Exchange headquarters (C) Mexican Stock Exchange headquarters (C) Photo: Cuartoscuro/Adolfo Vladimir.[/caption]So after the previous Monday was very close to finalizing at 45,000 points, the Prices and Quotations Index (IPC) descended at 454.49 points, level with which the main referents was placed on the 44,512.66 integers.In the reported decline, the stock center traded over 205 million equity securities for more than 7.2 million pesos, while 50 channels recorded a positive variation from the previous session, contrary trend to the fall presented by 68 companies, while another 9 were unchanged.Along with the BMV, the United States stock markets closed in negative territory as the Dow Jones closed down 0.64 percent to 16,964.10 points; the Nasdaq fell 1.26 percent down to 4,648.82 points; and the S & P 500 contracted 1.12 percent, down to 1,979.26 integers.

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