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  • International Beer Day Celebrated Aug. 5

  • The average Mexican drinks 60 liters of beer annually

MEXDF21ABR2002.- Comensales del Salón Corona también partciparon en el concurso de escritores y pintores bebedores de cerveza.FOTO: Susana Navarrete/CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Susana Navarrete

05 of August 2016 14:52:58

Aug. 5 marks International Beer Day in 2016. International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday in August.The average Mexican drinks 60 liters of beer annually. The Mexican beer industry brought more than 47 billion pesos ($2.5 billion) into Mexico in 2015, and created 125,000 jobs."Thanks to beer, we have jobs," said Rodrigo Mota in an interview with Capital Media.Even though beer is an important industry for Mexico, authorities try to prevent minors from drinking it because it negatively affects liver function, heart function and blood pressure. To this end, Mexican beer companies will launch a campaign to stop minors from drinking."I had my first beer when I was 15," said Alejandra Alba in an interview with Capital Media. "It wasn't like I would buy beer, but my parents would give me tastes of their beer, I didn’t drink the whole bottle."Beer companies also want to create a culture of responsible beer consumption among adults.

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