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Friday 14 of June 2024

Gasoline Prices Not Likely to Fall, Says Palacios

The president of the Federal Economic Competition Commission ruled out a significant reduction gasoline prices before 2018, despite the the federal government's move forward with free import of hydrocarbons

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The president of the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), Alejandra Palacios Prieto ruled out a significant reduction in the prices of gasoline before 2018, despite the decision of the federal government to move forward with free importation of hydrocarbons.

Palacios said that there is a spectrum of fixed minimum and maximum prices for gasoline that will not see dramatic changes in the prices of gasoline and diesel fuels.

She said this should not come as a surprise since it is well established in the law.

“The opening of the prices is enacted into law, and is the first of January 2018. Until then we will not see significant movement in the price of gasoline. What we do believe as a competition authority is that right now the mechanism is there is small band of minimum price and maximum price.

However, it is consider that it is a good measure of the federal government to advance gasoline sales to individuals.

“We are clear and certain that that is decreed gasoline is open from January does not mean that on Jan. 2 and will be imports of gasoline, especially we see it as a good message, a good signal investors in the sense that the federal government wants to see competition in the markets, wants to overtake the opening to create an environment, and incentives, for those interested in this market, are a sign that we are all working toward the opening. ”

The official went to the Chamber of Deputies to present its activity report to the members of the Economic Affairs Committee, where she expressed that the COFECE detected risks in the ruling of amendments to the Public Works Law approved by the deputies and which is now before the Senate.