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Friday 19 of April 2024

Funeral Home Announces Franchise

Funeral Franchise
Funeral Franchise
J. García López plan to create more branches and expand their market

The funeral home company J. García López announced that this year the company will be starting a franchise. Their goal is to make up 25 percent of the national market in this sector, said Óscar Padilla, the general director of the company.

In a conference, he explained that in 2016, they hope to sell between three and six franchises, creating 30 branches in the country within the next five years.

Currently, the company has eight branches in Mexico City, which provided more than 6,000 funeral services in 2015.

The first franchises will be in Puebla, Mérida, Luis Potosí and Los Cabos, with which they estimate to increase services to 8,500 in 2016 and 2017 to reach a total of 35,000 in the next five years, said Gerardo Herrera, the new projects director at J. García López.

“To obtain a franchise, a $1.5-2 million investment is needed and that money will be made back within four to six years, but it depends on the type of investment model,” Herrera said.

The Mexican business said that in the future they would also like to expand to the U.S., Guatemala, Cuba and El Salvador markets.