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Monday 24 of June 2024

Fruits and Vegetables See Inflation

Some produce saw inflation, some did not,photo: Notimex/Jessica Espinosa
Some produce saw inflation, some did not,photo: Notimex/Jessica Espinosa
Some other produce sees a decrease in price, like tomato, peppers, zucchini and onion

The rise in prices of fruits and vegetables became the fourth half-month with the greatest impact on inflation in the first two weeks of April.

According to the National Consumer Price Index (NCPI), the 17.8 percent rise in this category ranks as one of the highest of the last decade.

Since late February, the price of agricultural products considerably rose, where fruits and vegetables increased by up to 27 points.

51223110. México, 23 Dic. 2015 (Notimex-Gustavo Durán).- Pavos, lechones, pescado y pierna de cerdo así como diversas frutas y verdura de temporada se ofrecen en los diferentes mercados de la ciudad para la cena navideña. NOTIMEX/FOTO/GUSTAVO DURÁN/GDH/HUM/
Photo: Notimex/Gustavo Durán

When starting in April this decreased to 17.8, but remains as one of the largest increases in recent years.

In the last half of March to the first of April, inflation as a whole fell 0.34 units, as the annual level stood at 2.6.

In that period lemons increased by 40.6 percent, topping the list of products upwards, followed by beans that increased just 2.06 percent and chicken with 1.7 percent.

Lowest that consumers obtained were tomatoes, serrano peppers, zucchini and onion with decreases of between 17 and 11 percent, as also there was the fall of electricity 13 points, the Metro and electric passengers 17.8 percent, and natural domestic gas 5.3 percent.