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Monday 17 of June 2024

Finance Secretary Videgaray Inaugurates Training for Oral Trials

The agency is prepared and well trained to implement oral trials, which beginning next June 18 will be enforced across the country for all crimes, said Finance Secretary Luis Videgaray

The Federal Prosecutors Office (PFF) is prepared and well trained to implement oral trials, which beginning next June 18 will be enforced across the country for all crimes, said Finance Secretary Luis Videgaray.

Inaugurating the Chamber of Training for Oral Trials at the premises of the attorney’s office, the official stressed that the challenge of this new model is to ensure a fairer system, of transparent and expeditious criminal justice; for which it must have excellent preparation.

Videgaray said, “The main message we want to convey to the Mexican society from this inauguration is that those who we integrate in the financial sector, in this case the lawyers of the Federal Prosecutors Office will be ready, but what cannot happen is that the system changes weaken state capacity, and that requires preparation.”

60307149. Nueva York, 7 Mar. 2016 (Notimex-Armando Ayala).- El secretario mexicano de Hacienda Luis Videgaray consideró como “muy lamentable” el plan del aspirante presidencial Donald Trump de confiscar remesas a México o imponer aranceles a algunas importaciones mexicanas, al participar en el primer encuentro colectivo de ministros de finanzas de la Alianza del Pacifico. NOTIMEX/FOTO/ARMANDO AYALA/COR/EBF/
Finance Secretary Luis Videgaray 

The prosecutor of the Federation, Max Alberto Diener Sala said that one month of implementing oral trials, have the 1,800 investigations by prosecutors and financial crimes, 1,600 criminal proceedings initiated and injury to the public finance for more than 31 billion pesos, so expect that with this new justice system successful judgments to increase.

Diener Sala said, “Today our success rate in favorable judgments is 70 percent and is something that we will seek to maintain or possibly increase, and hopefully this new system we have this success and probably one more with this training we’ve had.”

As part of the preparation to recognize the new system of oral trials the PFF, being the institution responsible for providing legal certainty to the use of public resources and the country’s financial system, received training and advice from the United States Department of Justice since 2014.

During the inauguration, the deputy attorney general of the US, Kenneth White, reaffirmed its commitment to cooperation with Mexico, considering that organized crime is global and criminals respect no borders.