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Wednesday 24 of July 2024

Faustina García Reyes Ready to Confront Enrique Guillén

Faustina Reyes Garcia - Alejandro Meza -4
Faustina Reyes Garcia - Alejandro Meza -4
Candidates for president of the National Chamber of Industry Transformation to meet March 1

MEXICO CITY – In the midst of “institutional espionage,” waste of resources and contempt for being a woman, Faustina García Reyes, presidential candidate of the National Chamber of Industry Transformation (CANACINTRA) said she was ready to confront the official candidate, Enrique Guillén, Tuesday March 1.

At a press conference, she said she is aware of the dirtiness that prevails in this election, because in her travels through the different branches and delegations, has found in the standard “drifting affiliates” or those associated with her opponent Guillén, as family relatives who currently make up the Board headed by Rodrigo Alpizar Vallejo.

García Reyes lamented that during her travels, she had found sectors abandoned, such as the furniture, construction, paper, and the various branches which had fallen back and now have no representation on the part of CANACINTRA.

García Reyes mentioned that beyond what happens during the election, she already feels like a winner every time she has worked for her ideals and conviction, taking strides but also realizing that the country’s industries have not received support from the Chamber that represents them.

She demanded accountability of the current treasurer and official candidate of the CANACINTRA, Enrique Guíllen about his extravagance, the use of resources and who made his last campaign at the Morales Treasury, without presenting their campaign proposals to the media.