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Monday 24, February 2020
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Daily Exchange: Dollar Rises to 21.27 Pesos

The euro declined 25 centavos, closing at 23.04 pesos, while the pound and yen closed at 26.71 pesos and 0.229 pesos, respectively
By The News · 11 of November 2016 14:58:51
The peso rose to 21.27 on Friday, Nov. 11, photo: Capital Media/Ixbalanque Danell, photo: CAPITAL MEDIA/Ixbalanque Danell

On Friday, the dollar rose 31 centavos to close at a selling price of 21.27 pesos. Banks purchased the dollar for 20.08 pesos in Mexico City currency exchanges.

The euro declined 25 centavos, closing at 23.04 pesos, while the pound and yen closed at 26.71 pesos and 0.229 pesos, respectively.

Analysts from the Grupo Financiero Ve por Más (BX+) said that the dollar is reacting to changing expectations about the presidency of Donald Trump.

The analysts added that the uncertainty in the market will affect emerging economies most, and that the dollar could remain between 20.85 pesos and 21 pesos, with daily volatility.

Mexico’s Central Bank (Banxico) set the official exchange rate at 21.0511 pesos per dollar.