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Wednesday 03, June 2020
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Daily Exchange: Dollar Rises to 19.20 Pesos

Euro sold for 21.18 pesos, pound going for 24.70, yen at 0.271 pesos
By The News · 07 of July 2016 14:00:34
The dollar is being sold at up to 19.20 pesos, No available, photo: CAPITAL MEDIA

MEXICO CITY — In afternoon trading the U.S. dollar is up 15 centavos in Mexico City banks from its opening value, sold at up to 19.20 pesos, and is being purchased at a minimum of 18.38 pesos.

The euro is up 10 centavos compared with the day’s opening, sold at up to 21.18 pesos, while the British pound is being bought at 24.70 pesos. The yen is offered at up to 0.271 pesos.

According to analysts, the financial markets are reacting to the activity of oil prices, which retreated Thursday due to the United States inventory report.