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Daily Exchange: Dollar Rises to 19.04 Pesos

The euro rose 13 centavos since Friday to 21.42 pesos; the yen also up to 0.193 pesos
By The News · 13 of June 2016 12:16:12
The dollar's value rose above 19 pesos per unit Monday, El Banco de México (Banxico) invitó a la población a “activar” las monedas y ponerlas en circulación a fin de aprovechar al máximo el dinero, para lo cual recomendó usarlas o cambiarlas gratuitamente en las casi ocho mil sucursales bancarias del país. , photo: Notimex/Sabine García

MEXICO CITY — At the opening of foreign exchange operations Monday, Mexico City banks were selling the U.S. dollar at a maximum price of 19.04 pesos, nine centavos over last Friday’s closing price, and were purchasing it at a minimum of 18.24 pesos per dollar.

The euro reached a maximum sale price of 21.42 pesos, 13 centavos more than the end of the previous session, while the yen was traded at up to 0.193 pesos.

According to Banamex, stock index, oil prices and currencies — except the yen — such as the Swiss franc and the U.S. dollar retreated as a result of a new wave of international risk aversion.

Mexico’s Central Bank (Banxico) reported that the exchange rate to settle liabilities in foreign currency payable in the country stands at 18.5046 pesos.

Meanwhile, Interbank Interest Rates (TIIE) at 28 and 91 days are at 4.0950 and 4.2016 percent respectively, both with gains of 0.0081 and 0.016 percentage points.