The News
The News
  • Daily Exchange: Dollar is Quoted at up to 19.23 Pesos at Midday

  • Euro up four centavos to 21.46 pesos; yen is sold at 0,198 pesos


16 of June 2016 12:03:32

MEXICO CITY — In afternoon trading Mexico City banks offered the U.S. dollar at up to 19.23 pesos, four centavos less compared to the beginning of the day, and it was purchased at a minimum price of 18.38 pesos.The euro was quoted at up to 21.46 pesos, representing an increase of four centavos, while the yen is being sold at 0.198 pesos per unit.According to CI Bank, continued volatility in the markets, including anxiety regarding the ambiguity of the Federal Reserve's future monetary policy plans, fails to dispel doubts about when interest rates will rise.Meanwhile, international financial markets are attentive to the position of the UK in the European Union, regarding the "Brexit," with referendum on June 23.

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